Mäleficentt – “Night of Eternal Darkness” (LP)

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Release Date: October 13th, 2020
Origin: USA
Label: Asrar Productions
Genre: Black Metal


1. March of the Circle of Shadows
2. Before The Sun Dies
3. The Light’s Last Gasp
4. Veiled In Gloom
5. The Cavern of False Hope
6. Severed By Your Own
7. Bones of Compatriots

Though not much is known about the musician known as Y.E, he has various involvements in several projects, none as particular as his solo black metal act, Mäleficentt. This newest album, Night of Eternal Darkness follows suit with the heavily lead heavy black metal bands with a raw aesthetic. Thunderous bass can be heard in the background keeping both the tempo as well as adding a massive push to the leads, playing alongside them with great ease.

For fans of: Maquahuitl, Sühnopfer, FIN

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