Mäleficentt – “Night of the Crimson Stars” (LP)

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Release Date: February 14th, 2019
Origin: USA
Label: Asrar Productions
Genre: Black Metal


1. Slowly the Light Becomes Black
2. A Timesless Void
3. Everything Shall Remain in Silence
4. Through the Gates of Impurity
5. Open the Skies for the Fallen One
6. Transylvania (Mütiilation cover)

Though not much is known about the musician known as Y.E, he has various involvements in several projects, none as particular as his solo black metal act, Mäleficentt. Though there were a few demos and a rehearsal beforehand, this is the first full length effort by the solo artist. A very dim, chordal and melodious take at the trend of raw black metal, this album soars to massive highs with massive leads and showcases the virtuosity of the musician in a very quick 30 minute length, priming them for the further releases.

For fans of: Maquahuitl, Sühnopfer, FIN

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