Mäleficentt – “Night of the Pale Moon/Night of the Spectral Vision” (LP)

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Release Date: 2020
Origin: USA
Label: Asrar Productions
Genre: Black Metal


Side A – Night of the Pale Moon
1. Spell I – I Take This Blade
2. Spell II – Your Final Vision
3. Spell III – Night of the Palemoon

Side B – Night of the Spectral Vision
4. Lamia
5. In My Dreams… Part I
6. In My Dreams… Part II

Though not much is known about the musician known as Y.E, he has various involvements in several projects, none as particular as his solo black metal act, Mäleficentt. This compilation takes the two demos that were released before and in the middle of the two full length albums and places them together to compliete the “Night” series that he has masterfully crafted.

For fans of: Maquahuitl, Sühnopfer, FIN

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