Mgła – “Age of Excuse” (LP)

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Release Date: September 2nd, 2019
Origin: Poland
Label: Northern Heritage/No Solace
Genre: Black Metal


1. Age of Excuse I
2. Age of Excuse II
3. Age of Excuse III
4. Age of Excuse IV
5. Age of Excuse V
6. Age of Excuse VI

Known for a pure, seething nihilistic outlook at humanity backed with intense rhythms and leads that are oddly uplifting for their outlook, Polish heavy hitters, Mgła have returned once again to unfurl their answer to the modern age, “Age of Excuse”. Taking a step back from the hyper melodic bombastic 2015 release, Exercises in Futility, this album plays much more dismally and almost as bleak as one can get without going into heavy levels of dischordance and dissonance. Like all prior albums, the shining star is the drums, which fill every crevice left by the stringed instruments, and while these instruments drone away, the same, callus and eerie vocal pattern growls it’s way through the entire 45 minutes that is Age of Excuse.

For Fans of: Drudkh, Furia, Cult of Fire

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