Minenwerfer – “Alpenpässe” (Gatefold 2xLP)

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Release Date: October 31st, 2019
Origin: USA
Label: Purity Through Fire
Genre: Black Metal


1. Der Blutharsch
2. Dragging the Dead Through Mountain Passes
3. Cloaked in Silence
4. Kaiserjägerlied
5. Tiroler Edelweiss
6. Withered Tombs

Telling the bleak, rarely told story of the warfare in the Alps during the first World War, Minenwerfer take to the trees to bring an emotional, melancholic album known as Alpenpässe. Hitting notes from Paysage d’Hiver to Marduk and everywhere in between, this hour long album spans 6 tracks – one of which nears the 20 minute mark. Shrieks, cleans and wails fade into the background like gunpowder mixing with fresh snow being whisked away by the harsh winds. Guitars cut through the frontlines like frostbite, backed by the a wide rhythm section that is the sound of firing in the distance. The album plays not only as a woeful relic of these battles in the alps, but shows a certain clairvoyant anxiousness that these poor souls had to fare during these times. Each song plays differently, but each tells a powerful story that is best heard in it’s entirety and will forever etch itself in your heart.

For Fans of: Marduk, Endstille, Panzerfaust

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