Monarque – “Lys Noir” (CD)

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Release Date: April 30th, 2013
Origin: Québec
Label: Sepulchral Productions
Genre: Black Metal


1. L’appel de la nuit
2. Vigor Mortis
3. La quintessence du mal
4. Solitude
5. Mes condoléances
6. Au seuil des ténèbres (Frozen Shadows cover)
7. Comme les vers; sous la bannière du lys noir

Seasoned veteran Québec staple, Monarque has been a genre defining member of métal noir Québécois since 2003, when it was a one man project fronted by the musician of the same name. Lys Noir, this most recent full length album takes the listener through a gauntlet of the mind of Monarque, a dischordant orchestra of the damned teeming with furious riffs at every corner. The bombastic organs drive the music, penetrating the mind of any who turns this album on. Consistently pushing the barrier, Monarque never backs down and Lys Noir gives the answer to the notoriety of this infamous project from the north.

For fans of: Drudkh, Forteresse, Mgła

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