Nagelfar – “Hünengrab im Herbst” (LP)

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Comes on 180g black virgin vinyl with silkscreen print on side D. Housed in gatefold jacket, contains 12″ sized booklet with lyrics, information and impressions, black polyinnersleeves and a two-sided DIN A2 poster.

Release Date: March 6th, 2017
Origin: Germany
Label: Ván Records
Genre: Black Metal


1. Intro
2. Seelenland
3. Schwanengesang
4. Hünengrab im Herbst
5. Bildnis der Apokalypse
6. Srontgorrth (Das dritte Kapitel)
7. Der Flug des Raben (Ein Jammerschrei in traurig’ Nächten)

There are few bands that change genres as much in under a decade’s worth of music as Germany’s underground legends Nagelfar. Taking massive synths, pairing them with larger than life chords, droning sections and seemingly perfect timed drums, Nagelfar crafted a the very definition of “unique” with their debut alubm, Hünengrab im Herbst. Playing like daggers clashing with glass, this clandestine band eventually fell into obscurity, but finally is brought to vinyl for the first time thanks to Ván Records. Blending every style from the grittiness of Thorns to Burzum-esque keys and misanthropic but melodic chord progressions like Satyircon, this band has something for every black metal listener.

For fans of: Thorns, Lunar Aurora, Satyricon

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