Nagelfar – “Srontgorrth (Die Macht erfasste das Meine wie die Angst das Blut der Anderen)” (LP)

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Comes on 180g black virgin vinyl, housed in gatefold jacket, contains 12″ sizes booklet with lyrics, information and impressions, black polyinnersleeves and a two-sided Din A2 poster.

Release Date: March 6th, 2017
Origin: Germany
Label: Ván Records
Genre: Black Metal


1. Kapitel eins, der Frühling: Als die Tore sich öffnen…
2. Kapitel zwei, der Sommer: Die Existenz jenseits der Tore
3. Kapitel drei, der Herbst: Endzeit
4. Kapitel vier, der Winter: Trümmer
5. Kapitel fünf: Willkommen zu Haus

There are few bands that change genres as much in under a decade’s worth of music as Germany’s underground legends Nagelfar. Taking steps from their previous effort, Srontgorrth, while to the band is not considered a full length, compiles three songs from prior releases, is an hour of blistering music. Completely re-recorded, the three chapters of Srontgorrth were then presented with two more on this intense record. Completely redefining the band’s sound, the vocals cut through the production to carve their own place while the bass loudly punches in the background. All these sounds are perfectly framed by the massive guitarwork. Presented by Ván Records for the first time on vinyl just like the rest of the band’s discography, this is an album not to pass by.

For fans of: Thorns, Lunar Aurora, Satyricon

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