Nécropole – “Solarité” (CD)

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With musicianship rivaling even some of the most skilled in the genre, pairing it with baroque notes, one man band Nécropole is easily one of the top names in France’s current music scene. While having many different bands, most of which are one man, Nécropole fits the neo-classical edge with black metal traditionalism and thrusts the sword deep into the genre, tearing apart all those who might hold him back. Lyrical themes of Eschatology and sun worship seep through the melodious tones with razor like wails and cleans. Impressive from start to finish, Solarité levels the battlefield to nothing with it’s mortar-like compositions and relentless vigilant riffs.

For fans of: Suhnopfer, FIN, Sargeist

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Release Date: November 6th, 2018
Origin: France
Label: Résilience Records
Genre: Black Metal


1. Aurore
2. Ferments de corruption
3. Le culte du héros
4. La voie est la vertu
5. L’orbe du monde
6. Sous l’égide d’Éros

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