Nokturnal Mortum – “Lunar Poetry” (Gatefold LP – Dark Blue and Black)


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Release Date: May 29th, 2020
Origin: Ukraine
Label: Only Vinyl is Real
Genre: Black Metal

1. Tears of Paganism
2. Lunar Poetry
3. Perun’s Celestial Silver
4. Carpathian Mysteries
5. …and Winter Becomes
6. Ancient Nation
7. The Grief of Oriana
8. Sorrows of the Moon (Celtic Frost cover)
9. Autodafe / Barbarian Dreams

Folk traditionalist titans, Nokturnal Mortum are well known in every corner of the world for their mystical black metal steeped in melodicism. “Lunar Poetry”, a demo from 1996 is where it all started for them. Playing like a druid telling you the history of the universe through an ancient, lost tongue, the music is completely spellbinding, leaving the listener eager for every next second until it ends in a crescendo, releasing them from the grasp of the archaic magic. With influences ranging from dungeon synth, ambient, Ukranian traditional folk, heavy metal and their peers in the second wave of black metal and remastered with the original album art on vinyl for the first time, this album is a no-brainer for any avid collector.

For Fans of: Emperor, Drudkh, Saor

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Black, Dark Blue