Nokturnal Mortum – “Return of the Vampire Lord/Marble Moon” (Galaxy Gatefold LP)

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Release Date: July 2nd, 2021
Origin: Ukraine
Label: Osmose Productions
Genre: Black Metal


1. Return of the Vampire Lord
2. Mi Agama Khaz Mifisto
3. Crystaline Darkness 04:29
4. Intro / Hymn of Our Fatherland
5. On the Moonlight Path (demo version)
6. Через річку, через гай
7. Family Vault (Death SS cover)
8. Черемош (demo version)
9. Через річку, через гай (ластівка)
10. My Journey to the Stars (Burzum cover)
11. Turisaz (Graveland cover)

Folk traditionalist titans, Nokturnal Mortum are well known in every corner of the world for their mystical black metal steeped in melodicism. This compilation EP contains the first two EPs of the band mixed together to form perfect clarity.

For Fans of: Emperor, Drudkh, Saor

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