Nokturnal Mortum – “Twilightfall” (Black or Beer Marbled Vinyl)



Available in either 180g Black or Beer & Black Marble vinyl both presented on a 350g fully colored and black flood lined gatefold

Release Date: October 16th, 2020
Origin: Ukraine
Label: Osmose Productions
Genre: Black/Folk Metal


1. The Unnothingness from Beyond
2. Autumn Opposition
3. The Crying of Ukraine
4. Where Rivers Flow into the Seas
5. Glass Coffin
6. On the Wings of Scarlet Sunset
7. Oriana (Waterfall of Twilight)
8. Dark Flower of Temptation
9. Tnematset Wen: Nocturnal Mortum

Folk traditionalist titans, Nokturnal Mortum are well known in every corner of the world for their mystical black metal steeped in melodicism. Before the release of the vastly popular Lunar Poetry, Nokturnal Mortum had two demos, both of which attempted different sounds, but the first, released in 1995 was called Twilightfall. This all new remastering of the original demo brings it to vinyl for the second repress and shows the band’s true humble beginnings. From moments where synths ring loudly in the front to intense blasts on a drum machine and the off kilter screams and yells, all surrounded by a furious early 90’s folken black metal tonality, this record is one for the history books and not to be overlooked.

For Fans of: Emperor, Drudkh, Saor

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 1 in

Beer & Black Marble, Black