Obskuritatem – “Hronika iz mraka” (LP)


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Release Date: July 5th, 2020
Origin: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Label: Black Gangrene Productions
Genre: Black Metal

Completely hidden from the modern world, Obskuritatem, deep from the Black Plague Circle of Bosnia and Herzegovina is known for their intense black metal terrorism. With absolutely no music online approved by the band, this band takes fundamentalism to an entirely new level and pushes back against society and isolates itself into the abyss. This all-new album is tightly packed with destructive riffs, pummeling misanthropy and sanguine devotion to the void. Not for the typical collector, this voilent album pushes the boundaries of black metal to a new level entirely.

For fans of: Darkthrone, Vothana, Akitsa

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