Pa Vesh En – “Burial” (LP)

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Release Date: June 11th, 2020
Origin: Belarus
Label: Iron Bonehead Productions
Genre: Black Metal


1. …in the Ghostly Haze
2. Wastelands of Plague
3. Call of the Dead
4. A Cacophony of Spiritual Transition
5. Grotesque Abomination
6. With Splendor of the Night
7. Fog of Death
8. Pyre of the Forgotten

If one could capture the musical equivilent of hair standing on edge as you walk through a dark catacomb, they might be able to grasp the sound of Pa Vesh En. An immediate followup to the previous year’s Pyrefication, Burial takes an entirely new approach, with pummeling almost thrashlike riffs. Building the sonic hellscape further, the dredging despair and aggression is polarized by a very shrill lead guitar that cuts through the foggy production. A must have for the black metal fundementalist’s collection.

For Fans of: Sulphuric Night, Black Cilice, Lamp of Murmuur

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