Pagan Hellfire – “At the Resting Depths Eternal” (Tape)

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Release Date: November 26, 2018
Origin: Nova Scotia
Label: Tour de Garde
Genre: Black Metal


1. Disappear Into Sullen Night	
2. Rustling Wind of Dimensions Unreachable	
3. At the Resting Depths Eternal	
4. Ruler's Kingdom Ascend	
5. The Mountain Pass	
6. Loss and Timeless Spirit

Not many bands are able to convey a true message of desolation in audio format, however Pagan Hellfire thrives in such themes. Being one of Canada’s longest running solo artist from a very rural sea-faring province, this band is no stranger to audial warzones. The music plays like a knife dragging across sheet metal, echoing across open plains. Mysterious sounding riffs, compiled with Incarnatus’ own agonizing screams and black metal fundamentalism at it’s finest, At the Resting Depths Eternal showcases everything a traditional black metal fan would enjoy. This very overlooked hidden gem is a very solid arrangement of songs with nearly 25 years of mastery in the making. For fans of: Burzum, Sargeist, Akitsa




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