Panzerfaust – “The Suns of Perditon – Chapter II: Render Unto Eden” (CD)

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Release Date: August 28th, 2020
Origin: Canada
Label: Eisenwald Tonschmiede
Genre: Black Metal


1. Promethean Fire
2. The Faustian Pact
3. Areopagitica
4. The Snare of the Fowler
5. Pascal’s Wager

Like infected shrapnel wounds, trench warfare and mustard gas, Canada’s militant black metal act, Panzerfaust splits apart 2020 with their second in series of albums known as “The Suns of Perdition”. Following the success of their fourth album and first of the series, War, Horrid War, Render Unto Eden plays in a much more droning ambience of battle anticipation, much like soldiers holding the frontlines sweating through their uniforms, rife with anxious suspense. The two vocalsists screams diametrically polarize to each other with Kaizer pulling weight in higher vocal octaves and raspy cleans and Goliath pulling deep barks from the back like a mortar crew. The band entirely plays as a streamlined unit with expert precision, from the drumming of Alex Kartashov to the bass of Tom Gervais to Kaizer’s leads. The entire band exhibits a masterful dances between the high octaves and low – whether with guitar and bass or the vocals themselves, leaving this uncanny valley that pushes the listener, pummeling them in the process. Not one for the weak, Panzerfaust once again shed light on the mire that is the battlefield of black metal.

For Fans of: Funeral Mist, 1914, Ordraza

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