Paysage d’Hiver – “Im Wald” (4xLP)

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Release Date: January 25th, 2020
Origin: Switzerland
Label: Kunsthall Produktionen
Genre: Atmospheric/Ambient Black Metal


1. Im Winterwald
2. Über den Bäumen
3. Schneeglitzern
4. Alt
5. Wurzel
6. Stimmen im Wald
7. Flug
8. Le rêve lucide
9. Eulengesang
10. Kälteschauer
11. Verweilen
12. Weiter, immer weiter
13. So hallt es wider

Known for a slew of demo recordings over a 3 year period, Paysage d’Hiver has finally dropped the first full length record under this banner, Im Wald. Being a static player in the black metal scene since 1997, sole member, Wintherr has continually changed the pace of the genre with his incorporation of peculiar synths. With harrowing vocals and chords that evoke a sense of longing and misery, this record plays like a winterstorm at night. The drums pound away mercilessly and tear apart the whiteout created by the distortion and just when you think you have the hang of the way Wintherr writes music, the most balladic synths cascade seemingly from nowhere to create an almost spring-esque diaspora to the rest of the album’s wintery feel. Spanning 4 LPs and having songs that tend to be an entire side and often nearly 20 minutes in length, Im Wald is an entire listening experience.

For Fans of: Burzum, Darkspace, Xasthur

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