Red Lorry, Yellow Lorry – “Talk About the Weather” (CD)

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Release Date:  April 21th, 2018

Origin: UK

Label: Radiation Reissues

Genre: Post Punk


  1. Talk About The Weather
  2. Hand On Heart
  3. Feel A Piece
  4. Hollow Eyes
  5. Beating My Head
  6. I’m Still Waiting
  7. This Today
  8. Sometimes
  9. Strange Dream
  10. Happy
  11. Take It All
  12. Happy (Single Version)

One of the bands that didn’t make it far from out of the underground in the 80’s UK goth explosion, Red Lorry, Yellow Lorry is one of the hidden gems of the genre. Grating, loud and driving, this gothic three-piece take some of the punkier elements to the genre and combine it with driving tempos. Backed by a thunderous bass and an aggressive tonality on the guitar paired with the vocalist’s expressive singing, this record is a one of a kind experience that can only be described as taking the aggression of Black Flag and melting it down to play like the Cure.

For Fans of: Joy Division, Fields of the Nephilim, The Mission

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