Sanguine Relic – “Divine Stygianism: The Bliss in Torment” (Pink or Black Gatefold LP)



Release Date: 2021
Origin: USA
Label: Goatowarex
Genre: Black Metal


1. Prologue
2. Part I: Idolatress of the Dark Plane
3. Part II: The Cruel Irony of Eternity (The Carnal Bonds Are Fading)
4. Part III: Imprisonment of my Soul (The Dark Impulse)
5. Part IV: The Bliss in Torment
6. Part V: Blood for the Moon (Her Majesty Yearns)
7. Part VI: The Moment of All Balance

Deep from the catacombs is the most reclusive entity in black metal known only as Sanguine Relic. Dispite having six records, the band has never compromised on its raw and eclectic sound, gaining it underground notoriety. Dispite its massive raw sound, the music is well crafted. Guitars play baroque scales while the drums thud in the background. Vocally, it sounds more like noises deep in a cave rather than anything living at all. This combined with the mix gives it a cavernous feeling that is unique solely to this band.

For Fans of: Lamp of Murmuur, Obsidian Grave, Orgy of Carrion

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Black, Pink