Saor – “Forgotten Paths” CD

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6 panel digipack with UV foil print.

Release Date: February 15th, 2019
Label: Avantgarde Records
Genre: Celtic/Atmospheric Black Metal


  1. Forgotten Paths
  2. Monadh
  3. Bròn
  4. Exile

Saor, fronted by sole composer, Andy Marshall are best known for their gritty folk atmosphere enshrouded by a thick mist of Celtic melodicism. Most recently, Marshall delivered the ambitious record, Forgotten Paths. Featuring guests such as Scottish folk artist, Sophie Rogers and Alcest’s own Niege, the record breathes mystery from start to finish, building the chronicles that Saor has started from the very beginning. However shorter album than past efforts, it has nothing but a stunning atmosphere from start to finish, not losing any of the band’s Celtic sound.

For fans of: Agalloch, Panopticon, Caladan Brood


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