She Past Away – “Belirdi Gece” (LP)

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Release Date: 2017
Origin: Turkey
Label: Fabrika records
Genre: Post Punk/Darkwave


1. Sanri
2. Ritüel
3. Monoton
4. Kasvetli Kutlama
5. Insanlar
6. Belirdi Gece (Musallat)
7. Ruh
8. Kemir Beni
9. Bozbulanik
10. Ice Kapanis

Taking their love for their home country’s poetry and mixing it with their very unique take at an almost retro 80’s sound, She Past Away are the masters of melancholic darkwave with a pop twist. Often times droning on one chord progression for 5 minutes and switching entirely to an all new poppier sound in the next song, their debut record, Belirdi Gece keeps the listener on their toes, enthralled at each song. The vocalists distinct deep and monotonous voice drives home the massive rhythm section and loud synth sections, which is all perfectly gift wrapped with a very shimmery clean guitar, playing smoothly over everything.

For Fans of: The Sisters of Mercy, Joy Division, Depeche Mode

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