Slaegt – “Domus Mysterium” (White Gatefold 2xLP)

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Displayed on 180g black, red or white virgin vinyl in a gatefold jacket with inside-out print and a 12″ sized booklet including lyrics, info and impressions.

Release Date: May 5th, 2017
Origin: Denmark
Label: Ván Records
Genre: Black Metal/Heavy Metal


1. Succumb
2. I Smell Blood
3. Egovore
4. The Eye of the Devil
5. The Tower
6. Burning Feathers
7. Remember It’s a Nightmare
8. Domus Mysterium

Scandinavian black metal bands either tend to follow the well set formula or rebel entirely against it, crafting something entirely new and interesting in the process. The latter is absolutely true of Denmark’s Slaegt. This black metal outfit had only a single release before dropping the mindbending record, Domus Mysterium in 2017. This artful composition that blended the rough edges of black metal with the harmonies and massive sound of heavy metal shocked the world with it’s larger than life solos, lively bass, scratchy black metal vocals and major chord progressions. Completely throwing aside the written formula of both genres for something they have made themselves, this record threads the needle perfectly and captivates any fan of either black metal or heavy metal.

For Fans of: Dissection, Tribulation, In Solitude

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