Sorcier Des Glaces – “Snowland” (LP)

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Release Date: 2020
Origin: Québec
Label: Evil Tentacles Records
Genre: Black Metal


1. L’enchantement des glaces
2. The Winter Nightsky
3. Pure Northern Landscape Desolation
4. Onward into the Crystal Snows
5. My Journey into the Black Forest
6. Darkness Covers the Snowland
7. L’éternelle majesté des montagnes
8. Night Throne

One of the original black metal acts from Québec, Sorcier Des Glaces made a dramatic entrance with 1998’s record, Snowland. Instantly recognizeable with it’s cascading melodies and would later come to be the traditional Québec sound, this pioneering record never saw it’s side of a vinyl release until last year when it was repressed by Evil Tentacles Records. One of the coldest records to be released to this day, Snowland forever retains it’s name amongst the greats and continues to age like a fine wine.

For Fans of: Forteresse, Monarque, Neige et Noirceur

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