Spectral Wound – “A Diabolic Thirst” (LP)

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Release Date: April 16th, 2021
Origin: Québec
Label: Profound Lore
Genre: Black Metal


1. Imperial Saison Noire
2. Frigid and Spellbound
3. Soul Destroying Black Debauchery
4. Mausoleal Drift
5. Fair Lucifer, Sad Relic
6. Diabolical Immanence

Black metal fundamentalist group, Spectral Wound broke through the barrier of the scene with their first album back in 2015, and with the acclaim of their second album, they reached even farther. Back with their thrid effort, Spectral Wound reinvents their sound incorporating more dirgeir sections and rock beats to chop up the pace of the battery of blasts they are so well known for. Playing much like a bullet to the head, this barrage of riffs will encaptivate the listener with their dark, foreboding emotive black metal.

For fans of: Sargeist, Horna, Mgła

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