Strigoii – “The Oldest of Blood” (LP)

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Release Date: June 18th, 2019
Origin: Australia
Label: Iron Bonehead Productions
Genre: Black Metal


1. The Oldest of Blood
2. The Castle Time-Frozen in Shadow
3. Coffins Filled with Blood (Mixed Blood of Moroii and Strigoii)
4. Transcendental Fires of Fallen Cherubim (Strigoii Awakened)
5. Coven of Moroii and Strigoii

Australia’s multi-instrumentalist vampiric mastermind Azgorh is well known for a mass of bands surrounding him as well as the Order Ater Anguis that he sits at the helm of and one of those bands is Strigoii. Whilst this band is a combination of the minds of both Azgorh and Akhtya Nachttoter of Black Funeral, the result is an ambient black metal masterpiece that traverses the two most iconinc minds in the vampiric offshoot of black metal. Incorporating sounds from massive organs, horns and synths along droning black metal riffs, Strigoii stands on it’s own from other projects both of similar sound and of it’s peers.

For fans of: Drowning the Light, Summoning, Eldamar

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