Sühnopfer – “Offertoire” (LP)

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Release Date: October 6th, 2020
Origin: France
Label: Those Opposed Records
Genre: Black Metal


1. Saints Mystères
2. Sonnent Les Aurisses
3. Les Légendes De L’Ours
4. Majestueux Repaire
5. Chevalier Maudit
6. La Tour Du Pendu
7. Messe Des Morts

Known for his vast knowledge of instruments and his furious style of playing, french medieval visionary, Ardraos solely founded Sühnopfer in 2001, as a one man project though it was largely silent until 2010. Offertoire, the sophomoric record of this black metal fundamentalist showcases every bit of raw talent from the one man act. Cascading riffs painting the picture of France’s history backed by the shrill cries truely teleport the listener to the 1400’s. As soon as it begins, you are fully taken to an entirely foreign land, where bloody warfare is waged with swords and pikes and opposing armies collide in a roar.

For fans of: Aorlhac, Spite Extreme Wing, Véhémence


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