Svartidauði – “Revelations of the Red Sword” LP (AMBER VINYL)

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Release Date: December 3rd, 2018
Origin: Iceland
Label: Ván Records
Genre: Black Metal


  1. Sol Ascending
  2. Burning Worlds of Excrement
  3. The Howling Cynocephali
  4. Wolves of a Red Sun
  5. Reveries of Conflagration
  6. Aureum Lux

Heavy, 180g colored vinyl or clear vinyl,comes with 43x84cm sized poster.

Much like the expressive atmospheres of painter Jackson Pollock, the disparaging noise trio, Svartidauði, sculpts a dance macabre so densely packed with ethereal ambiance one could easily get lost. With music crafted by Icelandic guitarist Þórir Garðarsson, one is left not being able to tell which direction the album is taking you, masterfully laid out in a labyrinth of disharmonious orchestral hell. “Revelations of the Red Sword” builds on the previous soundscape created in 2012 with “Flesh Cathedral”, while minimizing the song lengths and featuring more compositional warfare. With every dissonant note at their arsenal, Svartidauði rips open the void and lets scathing cold wind cut through flesh and bone alike, leaving the listener rendered completely naked to the bleak, tumultuous violence that is “Revelations for the Red Sword”

For fans of: Deathspell Omega, Leviathan, Sinmara



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