The Ruins of Beverast – “Rain Upon the Impure” (Solid Brown Gatefold 2xLP)

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Presented on two 180g solid brown colored vinyl in a gatefold jacket with a dinA2 poster limited to 500 copies worldwide

Release Date: 2021
Origin: Germany
Label: Ván Records
Genre: Black Metal/Death Metal


1. 50 Forts Along the Rhine
2. Soliloquy of the Stigmatised Shepherd
3. Rapture
4. Blood Vaults (I – Thy Virginal Malodour)
5. Soil of the Incestuous
6. Balnaa-Kheil the Bleak
7. Rain upon the Impure

Pushing the boundaries of black metal towards the esoteric, The Ruins of Beverast made major waves in the underground with 2017’s Exuvia. After he had released the first offering of music back in 2004, Alexander von Meilenwald took immediately back to the studio to work on the sophomoric record, Rain Upon the Impure. With even more lengthy tracks, samples and beastly synths, he paired it against the unique riffs of this band with more fundamental black metal style riffs. A worthy successor to such a unique premier, this followup will bludgeon the listener with well over an hour of crushing melodies and dark, foreboding atmosphere.

For fans of: Bølzer, Blut Aus Nord, Lurker of Chalice

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