Throane – “Plus Une Main à Mordre” Digipack CD

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Release Date: October 30th, 2017
Origin: France
Label: Debemur Morti Productions
Genre: Black Metal/Noise


  1. Aux tirs et aux traits
  2. Et ceux en lesquels ils croyaient.
  3. À trop réclamer les vers
  4. Et tout finira par chuter
  5. Mille autres
  6. Plus une main à mordre

Digipack CD

Veiled in a thick cloud of nihilistic poetry, Throne, comprised solely of French visual artist, Dehn Sora strikes the scene at its throat with visions of bleak and despondent black noise. Once again, this master of void construction spits chaos into the world with the sophomoric release, Plus une Main à Mordre. Building upon what his debut album started, this second wind of utter darkness obfuscates any hope of melodicism with a churning, bellowing abyss. Gloomy and entrancing from the first dissonant chord plucked; Throane rattles the ribcage of the universe to once again bury you with a layer of negativity.

For fans of: Aosoth, Terra Tenebrosa, Amenra

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