Timeghoul – Discography 1992-1994 (2CD)

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Release Date: February 1st, 2012
Origin: USA
Label: Dark Descent Records
Genre: Death Metal


1. Rain Wound
2. The Siege
3. Gutspawn
4. Infinity Coda
5. Boiling in the Hourglass
6. Occurence on Mimas

Disc 2
1. Project 1
2. Project 2
3. Project 3
4. The Digger (Live)
5. The Siege (Live)
6. Rain Wound (Live)
7. Infinity Coda (Live)
8. Fever of Grief
9. Imp
10. Joust of the Souls
11. Rainwound

Driving and tumultuous, Timeghoul stands out from most death metal bands for incorporating clean, narrating vocals. With only two demos to show for their career, these two beloved tapes have been compiled on CD. Unlike the majority of American Death metal of the early 90’s, Timeghoul follows a more atmospheric, pummeling route like a snarling creature in a cavern, waiting for it’s prey. These 6 fantastic tracks brought together span a total of 45 minutes, with themes of battles in other dimensions, unearthly beings and tales of the infinite beyond. The following CD includes the never released “Project”, three new songs, a live concert and an unreleased demo, which contains 3 more unheard songs. The dark and intense death growls are paired perfectly by the haunting choir vocals, cutting death metal with doom segments and plays like flash freezing lava.

For Fans of: Blood Incantation, Chthe’ilist, Demilich

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