Totenwache – “Der Schwarze Hort” (LP)

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Release Date: August 11th, 2019
Origin: Germany
Label: Purity Through Fire
Genre: Black Metal


1. Intro
2. Urteil: Niedergang
3. Galgenvögel
4. Des Königs stolze Acht
5. Der schwarze Hort
6. Der Heiler
7. Die alte Legion
8. Todbringer
9. Gloria Antichristi

Seemingly out of nowhere, these traditionalist black metal newcomers shredded their way into the fray with 2019’s Der Schwarze Hort. Taking aim from lead-driven black metal bands, Totenwache shred the competition with their cascading high pitched leads over a rhythmic battery of drums, reminicent of cannon fodder or continual mortars. Shrill, high pitched vocals are pushed to the front of the mix, bringing everything to a neat conclusion. By no means is the band reinventing the wheel that is black metal, however, they have crafted something masterful, and something that any fan of the genre will find enjoyable.

For Fans of: Satanic Warmaster, Sargeist, Sarkrista

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