Ulver – “The Assassination of Julius Caesar” (CD)

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Release Date: April 7th, 2018
Origin: Norway
Label: House of Mythology
Genre: Electronic/New-Wave


1. Nemoralia
2. Rolling Stone
3. So Falls the World
4. Southern Gothic
5. Angelus Novus
6. Transverberation
7. 1969
8. Coming Home

One band that has consistently trancended the idea of genres in music is Norway’s Ulver. Since 1993 the band has been a staple in multiple genres – from black metal to electronic. After many years of experimentation, soundtracks, ambient releases and straying further from the norm, Ulver released Assassination of Julius Caesar which blended new wave with electronic and goth undertones. From the warmth of the first track to the chilling atmosphere of later songs and incorporating droning electronic dance sections, this album creates something that nobody has ever really done before, staying consistently fresh and progressing until the story is fully completed.

For Fans of: Manes, Depeche Mode, John Carpenter

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