Ulver – “Shadows of the Sun” (LP – Remaster)

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Release Date: July 6th, 2018
Origin: Norway
Label: House of Mythology
Genre: Ambient/Avant-Garde/Electronic


1. Eos
2. All the Love
3. Like Music
4. Vigil
5. Shadows of the Sun
6. Let the Children Go
7. Solitude (Black Sabbath cover)
8. Funebre
9. What Happened?

One band that has consistently trancended the idea of genres in music is Norway’s Ulver. Since 1993 the band has been a staple in multiple genres – from black metal to electronic. After a brief experimental period with albums like Svidd Neger and Themes from William Blake’s Heaven and Hell, Ulver strode to the ambient side, creating the warm, and breathtaking album, Shadows of the Sun. With a lush piano, various synths, light drums and a ton of reverb, the album sits as a pleasant and mellow hum that is backed by themes of the African plains. Krystoffer Rygg (known previously as Garm) takes much of a backseat vocally than previous albums, allowing the mood to flow, only singing during peak or important moments. Finally reissued with the original cover and remastered for vinyl, this quintessential album of Ulver’s vast catalogue is an impressive addition to any collection.

For Fans of: Manes, Arcturus, Agalloch

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