Ûngrûn – “Demo” (Cassette)

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Standard Casette in a deluxe box limited to 100 copies

Release Date: December 19th, 2018
Origin: Netherlands
Label: Tartarus Records
Genre: Black Metal


1. It hiele brânoffer
2. De oanstjit ta hjar üngerjuchtichheit

Whilst not much is known about the duo known as Ûngrûn, their debut demo speaks volumes for what their path in black metal will be. For a demo, the production is fantastic, going completely opposite from the typical black metal design of releasing raw demos and developing a fantastic production later on. Opening with very feminine and hypnotic chants, it immediately switches into a dissonance which then shifts to the melodic. For every melody, there is a dissonant passage like a sort of tug of war being played with the writing. Albeit, this is just a demo and there are two tracks, Ûngrûn perfectly pace this record for unlimited re-listens. Taking you though the steps of the mad, this record will for sure be on listener’s mind for years to come.

For Fans of: Deathspell Omega, Mgła, Misþyrming

Listen to the single here:

Ûngrûn – Demo 2019

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