Urfaust – “The Constellatory Practice” (Amber or Black LP)



Release Date: May 4, 2018
Origin: Germany
Label: Ván Records
Genre: Doom metal/Black Metal/Ambient


1. Doctrine of Spirit Obsession
2. Behind the Veil of the Trance Sleep
3. A Course in Cosmic Meditation
4. False Sensorial Impressions
5. Trail of the Conscience of the Dead
6. Eradication Through Hypnotic Suggestion

Eloquent and abstract, Urfaust have continually been at the top of their game since they first released Geist ist Teufel in 2004. Varying gradual stylistic changes along the many steps of their career, one of the more recent albums in their vast discography is 2018’s The Constellatory Practice. Taking hints from the previous effort, Empty Space Meditation, this album builds on the ambience and the mood, fully blurring the lines of space and reality, keeping the listener trapped in their sonic vortex for the duration of this record. Beautiful cleans and doomy ambient riffs surround the listener, drawing them further and further into the void

For fans of: The Ruins of Beverast, Bethlehem, Burzum

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Amber, Black