Vargrav – “Reign in Supreme Darkness” (Glow in the Dark Blue Gatefold LP)

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Presented in a gatefold jacket on Glow in the Dark Blue vinyl.

Release Date: April 26th, 2019
Origin: Finland
Label: Werwolf Records
Genre: Symphonic Black Metal


1. Intro – Et in Profundis Mysteriis Operta
2. The Glory of Eternal Night
3. Dark Space Dominion
4. In Streams from Great Mysteries
5. As the Shadows Grow Silent
6. Crowned by Demonstorms
7. Godless Pandemonium
8. Arcane Stargazer

Many bands have taken their stab at a very orchaestral and symphonic type of black metal but few bands stand out as much as Finland’s Vargrav. Taking hints from titans like Odium and Emperor, the one man project of Druadan Forest’s V-Khaoz, Vargrav is the throwback band everyone has been searching for. This followup to 2018’s Netherstorm builds on the great foundation of the debut record. Thunderous synth chords top the massive leads which scale over the tremolo picked rhythms backed by bombastic drums. Several times throughout the album, choirs take over the duties of the screamed vocals, driving the album completely home.

For Fans of: Emperor, Limbonic Art, Odium

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