Véhémence – Par le sang versé (Digipack CD)

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Release Date: February 15th, 2019
Origin: France
Label: Antiq
Genre: Black Metal


1. Épopée – Par le sang versé
2. La sorcière du bois lunerive
3. L’étrange clairière: Partie I
4. L’étrange clairière: Partie II
5. La dernière chevauchée
6. Le sous bois, à trois lieues du château
7. Passage dans les douves
8. La fronde des anges

With a penchant for fantasy epics paired alongside medieval sounds reminiscent of Charlemagne’s conquest of Europe, Véhémence takes to the battlefield with this chronicle, Par sang le versé. Steeped in folklore from historical France and backed with an intense bombastic sound, this band is like no other. Everything from long, scaling riffs, strings, chants, choirs, medieval instrumentation and impressive drumming finds itself in the arsenal of this extravagant band. Like stepping into the Middle Ages entirely, you are whisked away to a feudal atmosphere like no other, while still remaining true to it’s fundamental roots in black metal

For fans of: Sühnopfer, Obsequaie, Aorlhac

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