Warmoon Lord “Burning Banners of Funereal War” (LP)

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Release Date: January 2020
Origin: Finland
Label: Wolfspell Records
Genre: Black Metal


1. The Tragic Moon
2. Obsessing Darkness
3. In a Rotting Memories Grave
4. Funereal Blood
5. Blazing Warrior Soul
6. …and the Black Crows Ate Their Lifeless Bodies

Whilst remaining true to his own country’s unique brand of black metal, Warmoon Lord, led by sole musician Vechi Vrăjitor creates a unique blend of styles of black metal that could very well be for fans of any of the subgenres. With cascading arppegiated leads, a menacing keyboard and speed-driven drums to a very prominent bass, the instrumental section takes the majority of the mix, leaving the little room there is to be filled by the very grim and mysterious vocals, which are steeped heavily in reverb. Coming seemingly out of nowhere in 2019, Warmoon Lord’s debut album, Burning Banners of the Funereal War is one of the newest additions to the catalog of instant black metal classics.

For fans of: Satanic Warmaster, Vargrav, Emperor

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