Windir – “Sóknardalr” (White Gatefold 2xLP)

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Release Date: May 28th, 2021
Origin: Norway
Label: Season of Mist
Genre: Black Metal


1. Sognariket sine krigarar
2. Det som var Haukareid
3. Mørket sin fyrste
4. Sognariket si herskarinne
5. I ei krystallnatt
6. Røvhaugane
7. Likbør
8. Sóknardalr

While most of the Norwegian black metal scene was busy with themes of Satanism and rebelling against the Christian mainstream, Windir took a very different route. Formed by solo artist Valfar, this band wrote four albums before his untimely passing in 2004. This first full length effort, Sóknardalr came rather unexpectedly after a series of demos and changed the face of black metal forever. Pounding drums with very audible bass climbing scales and massive lead guitars that portray a very folk contrast to the bombastic black metal sections cut this album from an entire different cloth. The most interesting piece that truly makes this stand out is the usage of accordion, the instrument that Valfar was most well known for playing, which brings the listener to the northern fjords with just a few simple notes.

For fans of: Enslaved, Falkenbach, Borknagar

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