Worthless- “A Portrait of Mankind” (CD)

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Release Date: September 16th 2017
Origin: USA
Label: Noctis Productions
Genre: Black Metal


1. A Portrait of Mankind		 
2. Misanthropic		 
3. Something That Never Was		 
4. No Comfort Can Be Found...		 
5. Obscured by a Bleak Future		 
6. 82889

Known by just the first initial of their names, this secretive duo of musicians professes a sombre hatred of humanity in this debut full length, A Portrait of Mankind. Being their first record, Worthless take no time to break down the barrier and punch straight through the wall straight to perdition. Placing the listener in a cold chamber with no escape from the elements, phonic agony rains down from all sides like a tempest of the damned. With every form of black metal on display. Threading the needle of melodic and dissonant, the band pierce through the veil of fog surrounding them to showcase a very eloquent debut record.

For fans of: Nyktalgia, Bethlehem, Thy Light


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