Wovenhand – “The Laughing Stalk” (LP+CD Bundle)

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Fronted by eccentric and secretive singer/songwriter, David Eugene Edwards, Wovenhand started as a solo act following the breakup of his previous band, 16 Horsepower. Drawing influence everywhere from Hank Williams, old americana and contemporary gothic sounds, Edwards forges an entirely new genre with Wovenhand. After an astounding 5 albums, Edwards along with his backing band laid forth their 6th effort, The Laughing Stalk. A much more introspective piece about a man’s struggle with faith, the poetry is very much an exposed spirit. Never a man to hide his Christian faith, Edwards once again focuses this album to take the listener on his own emotional rollercoaster with a twist and turn around every bend.

For fans of: The Devil Makes 3, 16 Horsepower, Scott Biram

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Release Date: November 13th, 2012
Origin: Colorado, USA
Label: Sounds Familyre
Genre: Western Gothic/Americana 


1. Long Horn
2. The Laughing Stalk
3. In The Temple
4. King O King
5. Closer
6. Maize
7. Coup Stick
8. As Wool
9. Glistening Black


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