Rope Sect – “Personae Ingratae” (LP)

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Release Date: July 11th, 2027
Origin: Germany
Label: Iron Bonehead Productions
Genre: Post Punk/Deathrock


1. Fallen Nation
2. Tarantist
3. Pretty Life
4. King of the Night
5. Recess
6. Ochlesis
7. Death is Your Lover
8. Rattenkönig

Deathrock has always had it’s tight circle of superstars, tightly packed with cult names, black clothing and disharmonic chords that cut through the flesh straight to the bone. This secretive band takes an entirely different route, cutting the disharmonic punk with very happy major progressions and a post punk flair, almost as if dust was being swept into the air, caught hanging in the light. The melancholic chords mixed with the uplifting choruses are contrasted by the vocalist’s very monotone delivery, almost giving an air of apathy to the mood. Not one to pass by, this debut is a record that keeps on giving, allowing for an all new listening experience each time.

For Fans of: Joy Division, Lifelover, Ghost

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